Pokemon GO! The journey so far part 1

Pokemon GO! The journey so far part 1

A few days ago, my dream finally came true. Pokemon GO! was announced and finally I could make my childhood dream come true. I was going to be the very best like no one ever was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in Europe yet, but rebel as I am, I downloaded it via a file on the internet, because to be a master, you need to be a badass. Rules are for losers. Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go!

Pokemon GO! The journey so far part 1

Oh look! I can pick and customize the trainer! This is something I do miss in the 3ds games. It was possible in X and Y but the hassle was too much. Now I can just create a trainer that looks like me so all these bitches know what’s up. I am coming for your asses!

Squirtle is cool as can be

I picked Squirtle as my starter Pokemon, because why the hell not. Usually I am more a fire kinda girl, but Squirtle is as cool as me. It took me a while the figure out how the hell this game worked, but I quickly realised how to catch these mons. Time to go out!

Pokemon GO! The journey so far part 1

I felt like a bit of a creep when I stood in front of these regular houses. People with kids were outside and they looked at me suspiciously as I was focused on one spot, trying to catch a Pidgeotto. But I did it! And I quickly walked away again, nothing to see here, goodbye.

Pokemon GO! The journey so far part 1

Progress! I like it!

Finding Pokestops nearby

The following hours I spent my time looking for Pokestops, which I found, and even playing the game in the supermarket. The dog is happy, cause she gets to walk a shit ton now, and I am happy because I can hatch my eggs. Steadily my list of Pokemon is growing and I am currently level 7.

Pokemon GO! The journey so far part 1

I’ve walked for miles, chasing rare Pokemon, while usually finding regular ones like Pidgey and Rattatas. I conquer the gym near my mother’s house, only to have it taken away from me too soon. I visit my friend, who lives in an area filled with Pokestops and gyms and we walk around together, our eyes on our screen and we mutter how great it is to not walk around on your own. We try to beat the gyms, but these motherfuckers have too much time and their Pokemon are way too strong.

In the car, I look around for Pokes and excitedly tell the lover that I just caught a shellder. He is not impressed. He’s even less impressed when I tell him to drive around the roundabout again so I can get to the Pokestop for more balls. He tells me to put my phone away and I reluctantly do. He does not understand the quest to be the very best like no one ever was.

Abra is an escape artist

As I am typing this, an Abra appears and I try to catch it, but that assholes escapes. WHY? WE COULD HAVE HAD THE BEST TIME TOGETHER!

I try not to have it consume my life but I can’t help but check the app ever so often to see if there are any Pokemon or stops around. I am a proud momma when my Pokemon evolve or when an egg hatches. Whenever I see someone in their twenties look at their phone and then around the hood, I know that they too are playing Pokemon GO. It is an epidemic but hey, at least we get to go outside!

I will probably write more posts soon about my quest to be the very best. In the meantime, I try not to cry too hard when I see this screen:

Pokemon GO! The journey so far part 1

Until next time, gotta catch ’em all!



Article written by Ingrid

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