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Pokemon Sun – First Impressions

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Apart from work, I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Sun and I’ve been dying to tell you what my first impressions are. If you don’t feel like reading, I will give you a short summary. So far I think it is the best Pokemon game that has been released in a very long time. Why? Keep on reading!

Pokemon Sun & Moon are the first games in a long while which take place in a whole new region. This time, we’re in Alola, which is based on Hawaii. You visit different islands while you fight your way through Trials and discover new Pokemon and old Pokemon who have adapted themselves to the new climate. I’ve played for about thirteen hours now and have just reached the grass trial, so while I am not that far, I do think I’ve played enough to share my opinion with you.

New Pokemon

I’ve tried my best to avoid spoilers, but naturally I failed at times. So some of the new Pokemon are familiar to me, but most of them I don’t know. It does give that sense of wonder as if I am really running around the island, discovering new creatures. It reminds me of the first time I played Pokemon (ages ago) when I still had to discover everything for myself. What are the types? What are all these new moves and items? What’s the best strategy? Pokemon Sun Rowlet

While I am into competitive battling, I will first play the main storyline with the Pokemon that I like and am curious about, before I start breeding and training competitive creatures. This whole sense of wonder makes me feel like a kid again.

No gym leaders anymore

For a long time, the Pokemon games followed the same storyline where you had to get eight gym badges, defeat the evil team and become the champion. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you try to beat the trials, challenges where you don’t just battle but look for things and at times use your brain. This is a welcome change from the old storyline as it feels fresh and new. There is an evil team, named Team Skull, but they are by far not as serious as Team Rocket or Team Plasma to name a few.

Better graphics

Adults look like adults in this game and trainers casually walk around instead of staying in one spot. This makes the whole thing feel much more authentic. It feels like you are actually part of a world rather than just walking through one on a way to clear your missions.

Pokemon Sun SolgaleoNo more HMs

Remember when you had to give up on valuable move slots to teach HM moves? Or even have one Pokemon be your HM slave? Not anymore! You can now call in the help of other Pokemon that do not belong to you in order to fly or surf or run you to places. This is a huge relief as now you can focus on creating the best team there is.

The negatives

It can’t all be good news. I feel like sometimes the game takes you by the hand too much and the introduction moments are much too long. It feels like it takes forever before you get your starter Pokemon, which is a shame.

Also the game doesn’t play that well on the old 3DS. It takes a while for the game to load and that is at times annoying, but hey, if that’s all there is, then that’s still not bad.

I will continue to play the game and when I’ve finished it, I will let you know more about what I think of the game.



Article written by Ingrid

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