The Sassologist is open for business

The Sassologist is open for business!

Hello dear reader and welcome to the! The Sassologist is now open for business! On this cool and new site, I will regularly post blogs about beauty, lifestyle, popculture and all kinds of awesome stuff in the most sassy way possible. You can find a new blogpost here (probably) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hope you will check back here soon! The comment section is open for you and all feedback is very welcome.



Fere is some more information:

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I will see you soon. Please keep in touch!



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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