Snowpiercer tv-series: hit or miss

Hit or Miss: Snowpiercer TV Adaptation

The 2013 low key hit Snowpiercer, starring Chris Evans, will turn into a tv-show in 2018. TV network TNT has ordered a pilot episode, with a planned release date not yet set. Although the TV series will have the same setting as the dystopian movie, it’s going to be set just seven years after the world freezes over. Snowpiercer the movie had a timeline of 17 years into that bleak future.

Snowpiercer was not a huge box office hit (it was barely even in cinemas) but is a small culthit thanks to it’s release to video on demand & DVD and streaming on Netflix, and popularity with critics. Though not the best movie ever it certainly is entertaining and original. It’s mainly pretty weird and violent. This television adaptation could work, or it could be a big miss. Let’s analyse.

Why the Snowpiercer TV series is going to be a hit

Why the Snowpiercer tv-series will be a hit

  • Director/writer Bong Joon Ho and co-producer Dooho Choi are on board (pun intended) as executive producers.
  • There are a lot of trainwagons to explore, a lot more than in the film. Think of the possibilities! Maybe we’ll even get a glimpse how the elite’s livingquarters actually look.
  • Character development will be much better. The characters in Snowpiercer were mainly very flat and stereotypical (rogue, fighter, hero, villain, etc.).
  • We’ll get to see much more worldbuilding, maybe even flashbacks to when it all began (instead of the stupid narration at the start of the film).
  • There probably will be a bigger starting audience than with completely new shows, as Snowpiercer undoubtedly has a lot of fans.
  • They can properly explore the main themes of a class system and social injustice. The film was just too short for that and had a lot of focus on the action scenes, which was understandable.

Why the Snowpiercer TV series will be a miss

Why the Snowpiercer tv-series will be a miss

  • Although there is no casting news yet, we can be pretty damn sure the show won’t have any big names like Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris or Tilda Swinton.
  • TNT isn’t home to big hits. It has decent/fun shows like Rizzoli & Isles or The Librarians but misses any really big names.
  • If the film is canon in the tv-series, we will know how it all ends and who is at the front of the train, which would be a shame
  • All things considered, this could be a very boring show if badly written; as it will have season after season of people on a train, with nowhere else to go. That also makes it harder to write in new characters.
  • Once done with a certain trainwagon, it will be hard to go back as again, this will be boring. What will happen when/if they ever reach the front of the train? A Lost-vibe comes to mind fort his setting.

There are pro’s and cons for Snowpiercer to be succesful as a tv-series. Only time will tell if this will be a hit or miss. Watch the fun video (courtesy of the amazing CinemaSins) below to see everything that is wrong with the original Snowpiercer in the first place:



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