The Sass Life #2

The Sass Life #2

Hey everybody! I haven’t done these in a while because my weeks have not been that interesting, but I figured why the hell not do it now while I am a bit sick and trying to recover. So here it is, my week in pictures. Hope you like it.

IMG_20150906_182321 IMG_20150906_181722

Sunday was date night and what better way to celebrate it than with the Lion King and strawberries with whipped cream. Unfortunately the strawberries could not take my tears away. MUFASA LIVES FOREVER OK.


On Monday after work, I went walking with this cutie who was incredibly happy to run around the tall grass. So adorable.



On Wednesday I went to the funfair in town. I really wanted Spongebob and Squidward, but I have no more room for plush toys in my bed. Instead I won my friend a Yoshi and a raptor from Jurassic World.

Also, why do people voluntarily go in those long armed things. Why do you want to die a premature death by motion sickness and vertigo? I shall never understand.


At least I have Squidward on my sweater. I love this and I feel very smug walking around in it, because I am super artistic yo.


Most of the weekend I was planning riddles for the big Katy Perry Forum announcement. Not sure if you can figure it out, but we are giving away meet and greets for the South American show. So that is taking up quite some time.


We went to the clubmatch of the Rhodesian Ridgeback club in order to see them in real life and meet with a breeder. Hopefully next year we will be able to welcome a puppy and hopefully this will be the dad.


I rushed home to get ready for the tv show I was going to later on that day. As I was ready for my close-up, I at least had to look good. This was the look I decided on.


After a long and eventful drive, my friend and I arrived at the studios and we had to take a selfie because we looked all chic and awesome. He was compared to Mika twice that evening, something I’ve been telling him for ages but now that so many people have said so, he finally starts to believe it.


Here’s a fantastic screenshot of Mika giving me beer. It has been a couple of years since he has tried to get me drunk, but I was a good girl and gave it to my friend as I had to drive.

In case you missed my television appearance, you can watch the show by clicking here.



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