Twitch Funds for Girls: unfair or needed?

While browsing my Facebook groups I stumbled upon a heated discussion involving Twitch and female streamers. Now this isn’t the first time I’m writing about female streamers and the controversies on Twitch, but this time a charity is involved.

So What’s the Deal?

A charity organisation called The 1000 Dreams fund is partnering with Twitch to promote promising female streamers on the streaming platform, and offering them a series of financial grants to help sustain their channels.

The charity launched in 2015 and describes itself as a non-profit organisation which supports the ‘dreams of talented young women in need, by providing access to critical funding, resources and meaningful mentor relationships.’ They are calling their new Grant the 1000 Dreams Fund Twitch BroadcastHER Grant.

The Streams for Dreams charity event will be featured on Twitch and kicks off on the 1st of March and will end on the 1st of April. The campaign gets help from 10 popular female Twitch streamers who will help encourage viewers to donate to the programme.

Twitch Funds for Girls: unfair or needed?


So this seems like a really great incentive, right? No one could possibly get angry about this considering it’s a charity event? Wrong. This is the internet so someone is bound to get offended. Not just that, but many streamers, mostly men, seem to have gotten super salty about this charity.
If you have a quick look on some of the comments on this event, you get the following responses:

“My thoughts are that if female streamers have good content, then why the fuck do they need a grant to “ help grow a channel”…. it’s nuts.

My tip for guy streamers – wear a wig and put some lemons down your top…… you might have a chance.”


“I personally find it stupid. Girl streamers already have it easy to get full ti me jobs on Twitch by wearing tight clothes. Goes to show Twitch favors girl streamers more than male streamers. Equality my ass.”


“lmao so i get kicked out of esl cuz of women now i cant get views on twitch cuz you paying women for there tits cuz im sorry thats all we go to u guys for get mad idc im keeping it 100.”

These are just a handful of comments placed all over the internet regarding this Grant. A lot of male streamers feel that women already have an unfair advantage over male streamers because of having boobs. Now what is interesting to me is to actually see if female streamers get more revenue than male streamers by those claims.

Twitch Funds for Girls: unfair or needed?

According to this Twitch Gender Study, that claim is actually not true. The study reveals that in the top 500 of most-followed streamers on Twitch less than 10% are women. Also all the claims of women starting to take over Twitch seem to be incorrect. Based on a random polling of 2500 channels, women are only represented just under 20% of all streamers.
The biggest conclusion is this: Men gain an average of 10 new concurrent viewers in 60 days. Women gain 1.5! That’s a huge difference!

So all in all, it doesn’t really look as if women are taking over Twitch any time soon. And it seems there is plenty of reason to create Grants for women.


Luckily, more and more people have started to embrace the idea of this Grant. It’s not just female streamers who have been very vocal about this topic, but many male streamers are pitching in as well giving it their support.

One states:

“I hope that grants like this eventually lead to more grants for all who may consider doing Twitch broadcasting as a potential career path.

As well, seeing this, alongside of other support groups for streamers start to rise up, I can only hope for continued progress where it doesn’t matter where you live, you are able to get assistance in learning about what equipment you need, how to stream, how to network, etc.”

Another male streamer responds:

“I’d even be cool if there were a grant for only male gamers. Or whatever subset twitch wishes to give grant to. Thing is, they aren’t required to give you anything and you’re not entitled to their money just because you exist. That’s called Freedom of Association. And if you’re so against that then why support twitch?
TL;DR Stop acting like children and let people enjoy things.”

As one female streamer describes it:

“So personally, I think it’s a great idea. Until you’re a woman streamer, you’ll never understand what we go through. I’ve put my hair up in a bun and wore a full body onsie before and still had someone come in and call me an attention whore slut. You’ll never know how we have to fight.
Just because it’s “easier” for some other woman streamers to be noticed, depending on how they market themselves, doesn’t mean they don’t feel like they have to do that to make money, and don’t experience HORRID harassment that men just don’t. POC streamers (men or women) are a different story because they do, in fact, experience some pretty awful things. I’ve witnessed it myself.

But women on the open web and live streaming do have it pretty hard some days. Obviously, there are going to be companies that extend to men, and I think that’s great too. But yes, I think this may help a ton of small woman streamers. “

Twitch Funds for Girls: unfair or needed?

The Past

I think we have to keep in mind that, yes, it is a Grant for women, which means a large chunk of the streamers won’t be entitled to it. But this is done by a charity called 1000 Dreams Fund, an organisation whose sole purpose is to empower women. Why not pressure other companies to do the same?

Back in 2012 different companies like Twitch, SteelSeries and Alienware gave out scholarships to pro-gaming students. These scholarships were worth $50.000 and from the 5 people selected, 4 of them were male. Maybe it wasn’t openly said that it would mostly be aimed at male gamers, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

My 2 Cents…

Can we just keep in mind what the actual purpose of this grant is; to highlight the gender pay gap women experience in specific fields, particularly in streaming.

Maybe instead of bashing something, why not show the support for a charity. And if you or anyone feels like they are at a disadvantage, why not work extra hard to get your stream out there. Many streamers out there, male and female, who have made a name for themselves have worked hard to get where it is.

Twitch Funds for Girls: unfair or needed?

Interested in the Twitch Grant?

If you want to apply for this Grant, then go to their website here.
The financial Grant will be awarded to at least two high school or university students each semester, with each Grant offering between $500 and $2,000. However, the Grant is only available to female Twitch Affiliates or Partners.
Applications open 1st of March, with the Spring semester deadline being the 1st of May, and the Autumn semester deadline being 1st of October. Applicants need to demonstrate financial need, as well as including an essay in their application explaining how they will use the Grant. But if you don’t get accepted, don’t worry as you can re-apply.



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