Valar Morghulis – The Game of Thrones Exhibition

DSC00027About a month ago, I read on the HBO NL Facebook page that the Game of Thrones Exhibition would come to Amsterdam and that you could get tickets to visit it. Back in the day, when Game of Thrones just started, I did not watch it yet. It wasn’t until season 4 was almost around the corner that I started watching the show and I fell in love *Jon Snow swoon*. I watched the first three seasons in two weeks time and now I even have a weekly Game of Thrones night on Mondays. Reason enough to gather the troops and hop on a horse err train to Amsterdam. After securing tickets, we swore oaths to a house (Targaryan for the win!) and off we went.

whiteWe were almost first in line, so when we were allowed to enter the exhibition, we ran to the back of the room. This was the Ascend the Wall area and the main attraction of the exhibition. I didn’t take any pictures of this, but basically you were put in a lift and a nice staff member put enormous glasses on you which instantly transported you to the snowy environment of the wall. They explained what was going to happen as they put earmuffs on which blocked out every single sound. The lift started moving and everywhere you looked you saw snow and even felt a cold wind. Very surreal. Eventually the lift doors opened and you were taken outside where you were on top of the wall. Not cool if you are afraid of heights. Then some fire balls attacked you and you ended up on fire and basically died, Game of Thrones style. It was an amazing experience.

330b2b0e17994ff1b59d0f2991b11d64I was also turned into a very happy White Walker..

throneAnd even owned the throne.

Apart from all the interactive elements (you could also get scorched by a dragon, which we totally owned), they showed a lot of props from the series. It was great to see the amount of detail that went into these props and costumes and can I please have Sansa’s and Daenerys’ dresses?

valarRest in peace. Except you Joffrey. You are a douche

sansaryaGive me Sansa’s goth dress now.

danydressDany’s dress. So pretty

dragonMy new pet.


Found this message on my personal page after the exhibition. You go, Dany!

The Game of Thrones Exhibition moves to Paris after Amsterdam, although dates and location are not yet known. Make sure to check it out if you can when you are a Game of Thrones fan, as it is pretty amazing.



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